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iWebTrack Security
iWebTrack is cookie-free. While our own site does give you the option of saving your login information in a cookie for easy-access to your statistical data, the tracking image that you place on your website does not put a cookie on your visitor's computers. We use a completely custom method of establishing a "unique" visitor that doesn't require us to place cookies on your visitors' systems. So don't worry if your visitors are blocking cookies - we'll still get 'em.

iWebTrack is also secure in another way: we don't share or sell your web stats, personal information, or information about your visitors. In fact, we don't even look at it ourselves unless you ask us to for technical support reasons. The only persons who will ever see your log data are you and whoever you give your password to.

iWebTrack's third security measure involves the page tracking itself. In our system, you must define the domains and IP addresses that you'll be tracking. Once this is done, our tracking code will only log visits from those locations, If someone steals your tracking code and tries to put it on a different site, it won't work - thus it won't interfere with your actual statistics or cost you money by having extra page views.

iWebTrack does not collect data in an aggregate manner - every customer's web stats and visitor details are stored individually and cannot be combined or categorized together.

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