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"Knowing what keywords people are searching for helps me optimize my site. iWebTrack gave me the information I needed to get more traffic from search engines than ever before!"
Everyone who runs a website knows that if you want to get traffic to your site, you have to be in the search engines. But how do you find your way to the top among the millions of other sites doing the same thing you are? Forget the meta-tags: Top placement today relies on keyword density within your pages.

Not only can iWebTrack show you what individual keywords were used by people who found your site in the search engines, but if you advertise in Pay-Per-Click search engines (Google AdWords, Overture, etc.) iWebTrack can tell the difference between a paid ad and a regular search result.

The screen shot above shows you how easily this lays out - the first three lines were regular searches (indicated by the fact that there is a zero in the PPC column). On the fourth line, you can see that all four search engine clicks were from Pay-Per-Click advertisements. On the last line you can see that of the 3 searches done using this keyword, only one of them resulted in the user clicking the Pay-Per-Click ad; the rest were regular search engine results. If you do any Pay Per Click advertising, you need this information to determine how effective your campaign is!

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