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"In my "real world" store, I can see who came in and what they looked at. Why should my web-store be any different? With iWebTrack it isn't!"

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iWebTrack Features
iWebTrack shows you who your individual visitors are, right down to their IP address, operating system, web browser, their geographic location, and the complete navigational path they take from start to finish through your site.

Here is a list of some of the features and data that iWebTrack offers:
  • AIM Robot (BETA)
  • W3C Compliant tracking code
  • Access your stats online and from your PDA
  • All Pages Viewed and Unique Visitors
  • Can distinguish PPC Advertisements from normal page views
  • Can distinguish PPC clicks from normal search engine clicks
  • See which specific products your visitors looked at
  • Supports Tracking URLs and retains the data in the querystring
  • View Navigational Paths and Traceroute back to Visitors
  • Shows Referring documents (the page that brought a visitor to your site)
  • Search Engine Activity Reports
  • Activity by the Hour/Days of the Week/Month
  • Activity by Domain Name (If your site has multiple domains, this breaks down how much traffic each domain is receiving)
  • First time Visitors vs. Repeat Visitors
  • Visitor User Agents, Web Browsers, and Operating Systems
  • Visitor screen resolutions and color settings
  • View the City, State, and Country of every visitor to your website
  • Order Tracking (Calculates "Hits-to-sales" ratios, percentage of visitors who purchased, whether they were a first time or returning visitor, etc.)
  • No cookies are placed on or read from your visitor's systems
  • Optional ASP Component (tracking code alternative)
  • Safe and Secure for you AND your visitors!

iWebTrack can tell the difference between a normal search-engine click, and a paid click. If you pay per click for keywords in search engines, and also receive regular traffic from that same search engine, iWebTrack can show you which page views were from a paid click, and which ones weren't.

This same technology allows you to see which specific products were looked at by people who visited your site, and is compatible with nearly every shopping cart on the market.

iWebTrack is secure and completely private! No one but you will have access to your log data. More about security next ->

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"As a leading company in the check advance industry, having access to accurate traffic analysis software is crucial for our day-to-day
operations. We can monitor trends, problems, and see where our website needs the most work to retain the customer."

-- Elliott Candler

web statistics
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